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Why it is ?

"After a long journey through home visit, we came to know, most of rural students are being school dropout because of money. As their parents could not be able to provide necessary money for their higher study.


Supporter's views ?

"A scholarship is a very good way to finance your studies and enables you to fully concentrate on getting your degree instead of worrying about money issues. ".


Students need Scholarship

"Unlike the many other scholarships I have come across which require often tedious and time consuming information such as family financial facts and numerous letters of recommendation, the Student-View Scholarship was a breath of fresh air. It was quite simple and straightforward, and could be done completely via the Internet. Even the essay was painless; I need not write about the future of the world or my life story, simply a short essay about my college search experience. Applying for the Student-View Scholarship is thirty minutes well spent!"